We Jazz 2021 tickets are sold by Tiketti across the country starting on Monday 6 September. Tickets can be bought on the Tiketti website or by calling +358 600 116 16 (1,78 €/min. + standard network rate).

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Ticket prices vary by concert. All ticket prices can be found on the Tiketti website.

The We Jazz 2021 season tickets are sold out. Thanks to the ticket buyers! <3 Season Ticket includes all We Jazz 2020 shows except the Jazz kiinnostaa brunch on Sunday 28 Nov.

NB. The return of 2020 tickets has ended. Tickets purchased for 2020 cannot be used in We Jazz 2021.

If you bought a discounted ticket you will be asked to show proof of eligibility at the venue.

Tickets can also be bought at the venue one hour before showtime if the concert is not sold out. Ticket sales at Tiketti cease one hour before concerts start.

All venues don’t have seating so we recommend you to arrive early to the venue in order to secure a desired seat or spot.

Children under 2 years old can enter concerts for free with an adult, if there’s no age limit.

For group sales please contact us at office at

NOTE. Please purchase your festival tickets in advance to reduce queues. When purchasing from the door, only card payments will be accepted due to hygienic reasons. Also in the merchandise and record sales of the festival, payment can only be made with a card due to corona security.