Our goal is to offer inspiration and present enjoyable live music experiences amidst these challenging times. We want to ensure a safe event environment for all of our visitors, staff and the artists performing at the We Jazz Festival. In order to do so, we have reduced the audience capacity of each concert and we are also taking account safety distances at each venue.

Queueing will happen with a safe distance outside the venues to avoid close contacts. We are following all the guidelines and restrictions given by the government and we are closely monitoring the covid-19 situation. You can feel confident in buying your ticket early. If the situation gets worse and the festival needs to be cancelled or postponed, full refund will be available to ticket buyers.

We Jazz Festival’s Safety instructions:

  • Please stay at home if you’re feeling any symptoms of flu.
  • Arrive to the shows early to avoid unnecessary contact with each other.
  • Buy your concert ticket in advance. Tickets have a refund guarantee.
  • Our staff will use face masks at the venues. We recommend our audience to wear a mask at the shows as well. Masks can be purchased from the venues.
  • Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive to the venue.

Let’s create a safe festival together! <3