We Jazz 2020
The cutting edge of jazz music in Helsinki 29 Nov until 5 Dec.


artistic director: Matti Nives
executive director: Katariina Uusitupa
producer: Susse Salonen
technical producer: Teemu Markkula
production assistant: Hanna Kokkonen
marketing coordinator:  Roope Pokki
press officer: Karoliina Virkkunen
catering producer: Maiju Talvisto
logistics: Raul Silvennoinen
we jazz record shop: Eero Löyttyjärvi

partners: GLO Hotel Art, Hakola, Olvi, Pop Media, Radio Helsinki, Suomen Jazzliitto, Unifilm, Web-Veistämö

support: Arts promotion centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond, Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation, MES Foundation, Nordisk Kulturfond: PULS, Thurings Stiftelse

tickets: Tiketti


Antti Lötjönen Quintet East
Dark Horse (SE)
Death Hawks Plays Sun Ra
JAF Trio (FI/DK)
Jazz kiinnostaa (Radio Helsinki)
Jukka Perko Presents
Iro Haarla Presents: Leo Records
Kadi Vija Key Project
Kit Downes (UK)
Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low (CH/SE/UK)
Paal Nilssen-Love & Raoul Björkenheim (NO/FI)
(Secret gig)
Superposition Festival
Tapani Rinne: Foghornia
Teppo Mäkynen Presents
Timo Lassy Trio Feat. Reiska Laine
Verneri Pohjola Quartet
Ville Herrala
We Jazz DJs

GLO Hotel Art (Jugend Hall)
G Livelab Helsinki
Hakola Shop
Helsinki Contemporary
Kahvila Sävy
Kuudes Linja
Way Bakery and Wine Bar

we jazz record shop
Eurantie 8-10 LH 211, 00550 Helsinki,
Weekdays during fest: 15–19 / weekend 12–16 +venues

While in Helsinki, please pay us a visit at our very own record shop. Mostly vinyl, also some tapes, CD and books. Used & new releases. Jazz, experimental musics, folk, latin, indie rock, obscurities, rarities, classics, local labels… The record shop also does pop ups during the festival, so best put your record-buying pants on for this one.

covid-19 & we jazz festival
At the time of writing this (19.8.2020), the COVID-19 situation is fluctuating. We do not know how things will be in December. That being said, we will do everything necessary to provide a safe event environment for everybody involved. You can feel confident in buying your ticket early. If the situation gets worse and the festival needs to be cancelled or postponed, full refund will be available to ticket buyers.

we jazz festival
We Jazz is an event first established in 2013 to present a selection of the best contemporary jazz music. Both foreign and domestic artists spread around Helsinki to perform during this week of concerts.

The producers at We Jazz make an effort to continually discover new spaces for music and many of the venues change from year to year. The pairing of artists and venues is aimed at creating the best possible context for the music at hand. This is why many of the We Jazz venues are quite small.

Music is often at its best when experienced at short range and quality before quantity is what We Jazz wants to present. Every concert is a handpicked and thought-out piece of the bigger picture. We Jazz is often referred to as a festival and as Helsinki’s biggest annual jazz event, there’s no denying that We Jazz is exactly that.

The terms “installation” and “utopia” have also been used to describe the event right from the beginning. These words capture the essence of the event and gently direct the thought away from the conventional idea of a jazz festival. In addition to introducing the best possible music, We Jazz aims to challenge and renew the ways of presenting jazz.

The event takes place in December when there’s not much else going on. While the timing offers a break from Christmas shopping and some relief into the winter darkness, it also permits an annual glance back at the year of jazz. Many topical artists with fantastic 2020 releases are present in the lineup. We Jazz is a cross-section of the current music but also a collection of timeless jazz across the broad spectrum of styles.