Y-OTIS (SE/DE/UK) + Kit Downes (UK)

Y-OTIS (SE/DE/UK) + Kit Downes (UK)

Tue 1 DEC 8pm

doors 7pm

National Museum of Finland


Otis Sandsjö, tenor saxophone / Petter Eldh, bass / Dan Nicholls, keys & synths / Tilo Weber, drums


Kit Downes, piano

Otis Sandsjö returned with “Y-OTIS 2” on We Jazz Records in July and now they’re here in the flesh! Otis, Petter Eldh, Dan Nicholls and Tilo Weber present music which has become to be called “Mauerpark Liquid Jazz”.

Organ/piano great Kit Downes comes from the UK and performs a solo set at the National Museum, echoing the musical world presented on his fantastic ECM album “Dreamlife Of Debris”.

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