Tapani Rinne: Foghornia

Tapani Rinne: Foghornia

Thu 3 DEC 6pm

doors 5.30pm

Helsinki Contemporary


bass clarinet & electronics

Reedsman Tapani Rinne is probably best known as a leader of the pioneering techno-jazz group RinneRadio whose mix of meditative jazz motifs and electronica has been welcomed with open arms all over the globe. Rinne’s innovative and genre boundary-breaking style of playing saxophone and clarinet has earned him a reputation as one of the most unique instrumentalists in Europe. Here Rinne visits We Jazz to celebrate his forthcoming solo album ”Foghornia”, released on Signature Dark label in October. His new solo work continues where the previous left off, experimenting with bass clarinet and electronics, diving even deeper into more melancholic depths of dark ambient music.

“The downtempo project of Finland’s Tapani Rinne, perhaps the world’s only techno bass clarinetist, is hard to stop listening to… There is something to be gained by melding the organic reed with the cool computer, it is a lonely northern forest sound unheard before now.”
– David Rothenberg / New York Times