Koma Saxo (SE/DE/FI)

Koma Saxo (SE/DE/FI)

Mon 3 DEC 8pm

doors 7pm


Koma Saxo (SE/DE/FI)

Frans Petter Eldh, bass / Otis Sandsjö, saxophone / Jonas Kullhammar, saxophone / Mikko Innanen, saxophone / Christian Lillinger, drums

BOOM! Bassist-producer Frans Petter Eldh leads an international meeting of five visionary jazz musicians, a new group whose foundations are laid on the smoking ruins of the great Amok Amor. Eldh is joined by one of the most esteemed drummers from the Berlin scene, Christian Lillinger, and three amazing SAXO-phonists: Otis Sandsjö, who recently released his superb debut album Y-OTIS, Jonas Kullhammar, head of the excellent record label Moserobie, and Finland’s own Mikko Innanen. The best part: We Jazz is taking the band to a studio and a Koma Saxo album is planned for release in 2019. This is your chance to witness a beginning.

*Co-produced with Goethe-Institut Finnland

19.00 doors
20.00 Koma Saxo (SE/DE/FI)

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